Kingpin 60 C's and Outer Knuckles (Pass)

Crane Axle is proudly made in the USA

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Dana 60 C's and Outer Knuckles (Pass)

Kingpin 60 C's and Outer Knuckle Kit

Crane Dana 60 C's and Outer Knuckles Kit

This Crane Axle Assembly includes a re-tubed housing for Pass, Kingpin 60 C's, Outer Knuckles, Interlocking Hi Steer Arms, and all Kingpin Components. A great start to a bad ass Kingpin 60 Axle.

Crane Axle starts your axle build with a bulletproof 14 Bolt center section. We then re-tube the housing with 3.5" x 1/2" (.500") DOM tubes.

We MIG weld Crane Axle Inner C's to the end of the tubing for a strong hold. With this kit, we then add on Crane Axle Kingpin 60 Outer Knuckles with the included Kingpin components. These components are top of the line for Off Road use. Finally, we add on the Crane Axle Interlocking High Steer Arms which are a Crane original. The interlocking keys on these arms take the load off of any studs and put it on the knuckles themselves. Say goodbye to broken studs.

Read below for information on specific components.

Included Components

Kingpin 60 Inner C's

Crane Axle's Kingpin 60 Inner C is a heavy duty replacement for bent/broken stock inner c or a new axle build. Crane's Inner C's are built out of 8620 Chromoly steel for ultimate strength and light weight right here in the U.S.A

  • Built from 8620 Chromoly steel
  • Ultimate strength and reliability
  • Standard 3" ID
  • Made in USA

Outer Knuckles

Crane Axle Kingpin 60 Knuckles

Crane Axle's Kingpin 60 Outer Knuckles are built from Chromoly Steel and designed for durability in hardcore Off Road wheelin.

  • Built from Chromoly Steel
  • Ultimate strength and reliability
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  • Made in USA

Interlocking High Steer Arms

Crane's Dana 60 Interlocking Hi Steer Arms are made to be used with Crane Dana 60 Outer Knuckles.

  • Built from 1018 CR Steel
  • Superior Strength and Precision Fit
  • Keyed Interlocking system means no more broken studs
  • Measures 10" from Kingpin center to end of arm
  • Overall length of 12 1/8"
  • Made in USA

All Kingpin Components

Included Components are:

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Crane Axle is proudly made in the USA

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