14 bolt steering axles test

The Trail Series Axles are 14 Bolt Axles built for abuse utilizing Kingpin 60 knuckles and components. These are a popular option for trail riding.

Recommended for:

  • Trail Riding and Having Fun.
  • 1 Ton Shafts
  • Low Maintenance.

The Competition Series Axles were designed to be the strongest 14 Bolt Axles we can build utilizing our extremely strong Magnum Knuckles. These axles are intended to withstand the harshest of beatings and to be nearly unbreakable. Strength and minimal maintenance were made a priority when designing that way you can spend more time on the trail and less time in the garage.

Recommended for:

  • Hammer Down and Rowdy.
  • 2.5 Ton Shafts
  • Very Minimal Maintenance.