Crane Axle 14 Bolt Seal Kit Revolution 14 to seal 14 bolt

Revolution 14 Seal System

Crane Axle Dana 80 Axle Seal Housings

Dana 80 Axle Seal Housings

Revolution 14 Seal System for 40 Spline

Crane Revolution 14 Bolt 40 Spline Seal System

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Crane Axle's Revolution 14 Seal System solves the problem of sealing a GM 14 Bolt steering axle. 

The Revolution 14 Seal Housing replaces the stock 14 bolt carrier bearing pre-load spanners. The Revolution spanners accept the axle seal. This uses a common, readily available seal and places the seal inside where the least amount of movement occurs. The 40 spline version includes a axle guide to help align the shaft while installing it.

Crane's Revolution 14 seal housing is CNC machined from 1018 CR steel right here in the U.S.A.

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