About us

Crane Axle has been an Off Road Knuckle and Diff Cover manufacturer since 2001. The company was founded on fill the need in the market for hardcore axle components.  Crane strives to be the strongest American built part and support that idea with a lifetime warranty. Being 100% American Made ensures that our customers are getting the best value for their dollar. We take great pride in being 100% American Made.

With every purchase of a Crane Axle product, you get the expertise of our hands-on knowledge. When a customer buys a product from Crane Axle, we want to make sure the customer is getting the right part for their application and that it’s installed correctly. We answer all questions big or small to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

Crane Axle builds from scratch and works with these parts in the shop on a daily basis. The real world experience that has been and continues to be applied only strengthens our knowledge and expertise in the industry. As our competitors may not be building from scratch and installing on a daily basis, Crane Axle does.

One of the edges we feel we have on anybody else is that everyone involved with Crane Axle are gear heads at heart and as much into Off Roading as a hobby outside of work than when at work. We all have a passion for the industry.

Crane Axle can build just about anything. Any problem we see, we try to fix it with innovation and new products. All new products come from finding problems we see in industry parts and wheelin’ ourselves.  We’re always striving to do the best that we can. We use the best materials we can get our hands on. We use the best process and machining that we can.  We use the best hardware that we can. Crane Axle strives and pushes to be the best in the industry and will not settle for anything less. Rest assured when you purchase a Crane Axle product, you are purchasing the strongest product on the market, guaranteed.