14 Bolt Rear Steering Kingpin 60 Roller Axle

14 Bolt Rear Steering Kingpin 60 Roller Axle

Magnum 14 Bolt Rear Steering Roller Axle

  • Made in the USA Center Section
  • 4" DOM Tubes
  • Assembled to your Specs

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As low as $4,939.95
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The base price includes a new 14 Bolt Center Section with 4" x .500 wall DOM tubes, Crane Magnum Knuckles kit installed, Crane Magnum Unit Bearing Adapters, and Timken Modified Unit Bearings drilled to 8 x 6.5" bolt pattern.
  • Ouverson Super 8 wheel hubs and spindles can be substituted for Timken unit bearings.
  • Our 14" lightweight brake package can be optioned in now, or wait until the end of your build.
  • Differential cover options are a 14 Bolt Cover or a 13 Bolt Cover. If a 13 Bolt Cover is chosen, we shave the housing for you.
  • We have standard widths for total wheel mount to wheel mount width. 65", 67", 69" (STD GM 1 Ton Width) and 72" widths. Pick the width that works best for your project!
  • Add the Crane REV1440 inner axle seal kit, to seal 40 spline inner axle shafts.
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